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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Yellow Brick Road System - $10 Ad Packs in Future Ad Pro

Today I want to share with you a system I personally built. The Yellow Brick Road 3.0 system (YBR). In this specific video I talk about the strategy and the setup process. Yellow Brick Road has always been known for its simplicity in setting everything up step-by-step.

The Yellow Brick Road is all about leveraging two companies two work for each other - Future Ad Pro and Power Lead System. Power Lead System (PLS) hosts the YBR system and it’s email follow up series while Future Ad Pro is the business and advertising platform which allows its users to share the company revenue.

While Power Lead System can be used to promote any online offer, Yellow Brick Road actually promotes PLS as an income stream (and it converts exceptionally well too! I personally spent two full days on a single 8 minute presentation which clearly shows how and when you’d qualify to make the $100 and $400 commissions when someone upgrades who you’ve referred through your own Yellow Brick Road sales funnel.

The results and screenshots we’ve had in our facebook group have been eye-opening to say the least in how effective the YBR system is converting for these upgrades. I truly suspect that YBR is now the highest converting funnel anywhere on the internet for building Power Lead System residual commissions on top of the upgrades.

PLS has a 7 day free trial then is $30/month for the Gold membership required to use the YBR system. Yellow Brick Road is now even more accessible to start our game plan from scratch as Future Ad Pro have nowintroduced $10 ad packs. This means for as little as $10 you can qualify to earn a share of the company’s revenue AND make commissions on every single ad pack ever bought by someone you refer too!

Yellow Brick Road is a powerful high converting sales machine. Power Lead System and Future Ad Pro together form a colossal online business model when they are used to work for each other.

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  1. I made $20 per a 20 minute survey!

    Guess what? This is exactly what big companies are paying me for. They need to know what their customer base needs and wants. So big companies pay millions of dollars per month to the average person. In return, the average person, myself included, answers some questions and gives them their opinion.