Saturday, 3 December 2016

YBR Profit Maximizer Exitus Elite Updates

One Spot Bonus -
Yellow Brick Road -

If you're not familiar with the Yellow Brick Road system I personally co-founded and created... Exitus Elite is the only "optional" income stream in the whole YBR system.

Ironically this is also the fastest way to grow your your Yellow Brick Road business. 

The INSTANT Exitus Elite $100 and $1k commissions mean you can use this for many more advertising packs in Future Ad Pro and also better quality traffic from reliable sources such as

Because Exitus Elite is what I would consider my "primary business"... as YBR creator I'm going to ensure Exitus has more of a focus for any prospect coming through the YBR funnel.

I will be creating special sales pages entirely designed to direct attention to the "Profit Maximizer" on the YBR setup page 0 which is of course Exitus Elite.

I will also be creating presentation to explain how and when we get paid when our leads buy "Genesis Advanced" and "Genesis Elite". These are the two products Exitus is divided into.

I will probably extend the existing Profit Maximizer video to demonstrate how anyone can get started with Exitus for as little as $199. This then qualified people for unlimited $100 commissions.

My "One Spot Bonus" offer ( is specifically for people joining me at the $1k level. 

I'm giving away $350 of paid traffic and a free advanced system setup (among other things) just for joining me in Exitus at the top level.

Full details here:

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Make Diamond and Platinum Commissions with Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road System promotes both Power Lead System (used as the marketing system to share the whole sales funnel with others easily) and Future Ad Pro (advertising company which allows its users to share company revenue).

There are many sales funnels out there which use and promote Power Lead System (PLS) as an income stream. PLS has a very attractive compensation plan and allows affiliates to build monthly residual income through signing up new Gold members. A Gold member is the bare minimum membership required to use the Yellow Brick Road sales funnel. This has a seven day free trial and is then $30/month.

What has proven to totally bulk up ones weekly Wednesday Power Lead System payouts – is the one time upgrades which generate much bigger “one off” commissions. The Diamond level upgrade is a onetime $147 but then qualifies affiliates to make unlimited $100 commissions by signing up new members who also upgrade through the Yellow Brick Road system. The Platinum level is a onetime $497 but generates unlimited $400 commissions on the same terms.

I believe Yellow Brick Road (YBR) is the number one sales funnel to use for making these bigger commissions. And the reason is the presentation included in the setup page of the YBR system explains how + when members can make these bigger commissions in a clear format I’ve never seen before.

I personally spent almost two full days piecing together this part of the presentation so my funnel users could benefit from making these commissions. As I write this – it’s been two weeks and I know of 4 people who have made a $400 commission (not to mention anyone who HASN’T put a screenshot in our facebook group). I’m both happy and proud my efforts have paid offer and will continue to pay off as more and more people simply follow the Yellow Brick Road strategy. This obviously means sending traffic to the system and more people will see the presentation and why it benefits them to upgrade so they do not lose out on these bigger Power Lead System payments.

Of course the upgrades are optional and once again – anyone can get started with the 7 day free trial and ad packs (which allow you to advertise in the platform and make affiliate commissions) in Future Ad Pro start from $10

Mark Crosby

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Yellow Brick Road System - $10 Ad Packs in Future Ad Pro

Today I want to share with you a system I personally built. The Yellow Brick Road 3.0 system (YBR). In this specific video I talk about the strategy and the setup process. Yellow Brick Road has always been known for its simplicity in setting everything up step-by-step.

The Yellow Brick Road is all about leveraging two companies two work for each other - Future Ad Pro and Power Lead System. Power Lead System (PLS) hosts the YBR system and it’s email follow up series while Future Ad Pro is the business and advertising platform which allows its users to share the company revenue.

While Power Lead System can be used to promote any online offer, Yellow Brick Road actually promotes PLS as an income stream (and it converts exceptionally well too! I personally spent two full days on a single 8 minute presentation which clearly shows how and when you’d qualify to make the $100 and $400 commissions when someone upgrades who you’ve referred through your own Yellow Brick Road sales funnel.

The results and screenshots we’ve had in our facebook group have been eye-opening to say the least in how effective the YBR system is converting for these upgrades. I truly suspect that YBR is now the highest converting funnel anywhere on the internet for building Power Lead System residual commissions on top of the upgrades.

PLS has a 7 day free trial then is $30/month for the Gold membership required to use the YBR system. Yellow Brick Road is now even more accessible to start our game plan from scratch as Future Ad Pro have nowintroduced $10 ad packs. This means for as little as $10 you can qualify to earn a share of the company’s revenue AND make commissions on every single ad pack ever bought by someone you refer too!

Yellow Brick Road is a powerful high converting sales machine. Power Lead System and Future Ad Pro together form a colossal online business model when they are used to work for each other.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Yellow Brick Road 3 uses Future Ad Pro & Power Lead System

Yellow Brick Road 3.0 is the new and improved marketing system & sales funnel which uses Future Ad Pro, Power Lead System and the "Profit Maximizer" Exitus Elite.

Power Lead System is the marketing system used to host the Yellow Brick Road sales funnel - which includes the sales pages, setup page, 18 msg email follow-up series and so much more.

Once you've set up your Yellow Brick Road system - the buttons in the pages and emails are all coded to you. At this point all you have to do is follow our proven game plan to send traffic from on a weekly basis to increase the law of averages to make sales and signups in both Power Lead System and Future Ad Pro.

Future Ad Pro is an advertising platform owned by FutureNet many people use to advertise their online offers. Future Ad Pro also allow it's users to share the comany revenue. Users are qualified to shate the company when they have at least one active ad pack in the system. An Ad pack will produce 800 page views and will generate $60 until it expires. Ad packs are $50 which can also be bought through the system profit - rather than out of your own pocket.

The ybr funnel also includes a back end into FutureNet which explains the friend trees in a clear presentation. The friend trees in FutureNet are six individual matrices in which users can buy a position in exchange for media points.

Our facebook group has thousands of members, many of which are happy to show their results of recent sales + signups by simpyl following a few steps every day.

Yellow Brick Road 3.0 has already shown it converts well for sales. The 18 message email campaign means over time more and more people will pull the trigger to join your YBR business as they become more confident with the strategy they are to follow.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Traffic PowerLine Explained - Traffic PowerLine Review

This is A Traffic Powerline Webinar Replay hosted by Pearce - owner of MoBrabus + Traffic PowerLine.

I decided to join Traffic PowerLine after it was recommended to me by a mentor of mine + after watching this very presentation it became quickly clear that this system (after pre-launch) is going to be a monster.

The quicker you get in the better with these opportunities!

This presentation outlines the payout structure and ultra lucrative bonuses built in to the Traffic PowerLine comp plan.

This payout structure has been well thought out.

Start your Traffic PowerLine business with me here: