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Thursday, 3 March 2016

BeonPush Packs Return a Whopping 150% - Join the team.

BeonPush sells advertising slots through "real time bidding", meaning they go at the highest possible price allowing great returns on shares of their company.

BeonPush packs will return 150% at different speeds, depending on the size of the pack you buy.

The BeonPush system also offer 13% commissions on your first line referrals and 2% on their referrals. All of this is completely separate to the "binary tree", an extremely powerful matrix which you can make 10% of the weaker branch (leg) of the binary tree, and this is released daily at around 11pm UK time.

The two P-Processors they use are Payza and Payeer.

I personally have no issues with Payza but if you're joining my team and have an issue getting your account active (getting one pack), I will transfer what you need directly through Paypal. I have done this with many of my team already, as shown in my BeonPush video.

BeonPush's web site (at the time of this recording) includes terminology that they are aware needs fixing. The terminology on the web site currently prevents some religions from joining and a new web site is being created.

We have a facebook group you're welcome to join, this is the sales funnel that will be used to promote BeonPush very effectively, "leaders league 360"

Join BeonPush here:

Then activate your account by getting any pack, this will give you access to your BeonPush affiliate link

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