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Saturday, 3 December 2016

YBR Profit Maximizer Exitus Elite Updates

One Spot Bonus -
Yellow Brick Road -

If you're not familiar with the Yellow Brick Road system I personally co-founded and created... Exitus Elite is the only "optional" income stream in the whole YBR system.

Ironically this is also the fastest way to grow your your Yellow Brick Road business. 

The INSTANT Exitus Elite $100 and $1k commissions mean you can use this for many more advertising packs in Future Ad Pro and also better quality traffic from reliable sources such as

Because Exitus Elite is what I would consider my "primary business"... as YBR creator I'm going to ensure Exitus has more of a focus for any prospect coming through the YBR funnel.

I will be creating special sales pages entirely designed to direct attention to the "Profit Maximizer" on the YBR setup page 0 which is of course Exitus Elite.

I will also be creating presentation to explain how and when we get paid when our leads buy "Genesis Advanced" and "Genesis Elite". These are the two products Exitus is divided into.

I will probably extend the existing Profit Maximizer video to demonstrate how anyone can get started with Exitus for as little as $199. This then qualified people for unlimited $100 commissions.

My "One Spot Bonus" offer ( is specifically for people joining me at the $1k level. 

I'm giving away $350 of paid traffic and a free advanced system setup (among other things) just for joining me in Exitus at the top level.

Full details here:



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