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Friday, 28 October 2016

Yellow Brick Road 3 uses Future Ad Pro & Power Lead System

Yellow Brick Road 3.0 is the new and improved marketing system & sales funnel which uses Future Ad Pro, Power Lead System and the "Profit Maximizer" Exitus Elite.

Power Lead System is the marketing system used to host the Yellow Brick Road sales funnel - which includes the sales pages, setup page, 18 msg email follow-up series and so much more.

Once you've set up your Yellow Brick Road system - the buttons in the pages and emails are all coded to you. At this point all you have to do is follow our proven game plan to send traffic from on a weekly basis to increase the law of averages to make sales and signups in both Power Lead System and Future Ad Pro.

Future Ad Pro is an advertising platform owned by FutureNet many people use to advertise their online offers. Future Ad Pro also allow it's users to share the comany revenue. Users are qualified to shate the company when they have at least one active ad pack in the system. An Ad pack will produce 800 page views and will generate $60 until it expires. Ad packs are $50 which can also be bought through the system profit - rather than out of your own pocket.

The ybr funnel also includes a back end into FutureNet which explains the friend trees in a clear presentation. The friend trees in FutureNet are six individual matrices in which users can buy a position in exchange for media points.

Our facebook group has thousands of members, many of which are happy to show their results of recent sales + signups by simpyl following a few steps every day.

Yellow Brick Road 3.0 has already shown it converts well for sales. The 18 message email campaign means over time more and more people will pull the trigger to join your YBR business as they become more confident with the strategy they are to follow.

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