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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Automated Wealth Network Review

Automated Wealth Network Review

This is my Automated Wealth Network Review, a product developed by Tim Chesonis and Michael “The Wizard” Cocan. These two guys have clearly put a lot of time in to build a program which includes 10 hours of training in the back office, and that’s just the beginning as I write this review now. A lot more training is going to be created constantly to give these guys joining the system top level training on how to market effectively. 

The detailed training includes tutorials on how to build web sites and set up wordpress, as well as social media marketing and driving traffic using both free and paid resources. The quality and layout of the training is brilliant, Tim and Michael have clearly spentnhundreds of hours perfecting and laying it out in an easy to follow format. I’ve used a similar system previously in which the training was very basic leaving me no choice but to build my own training page to assist my downline in making money from the system. Automated Wealth Network is exactly that, automated, there is no excuse for not making any money with this funnel as every single step of marketing the product successfully is covered in detail, no stone is left unturned.

This means once you’ve decided on your marketing strategy and been through enough of the training to drive people to your lead, you’re free to refer your referrals to the training in the back office while you sit back and make money.

There are two income streams within the Automated Wealth Network (AWN) platform, My Cash Freebies (MCF) and the Power Lead System (PLS). The My Cash Freebies sub site AWN is associated with pays out one off $33 commissions including the 10% bonus in addition to the $30 they pay for referring someone who completes on full credit by completing offers. 

My Cash Freebies have a selection of offers to pick from, each are worth a portion of a credit. This varies from offer to offer; one offer may be for 0.18 of a credit whereas another offer may be worth the full 1.00 credit. A short description of how to achieve the credit depending on the offer is displayed next to it; this may be something like applying for a credit card, or spending $10 in a bingo or gaming site.

My Cash Freebies work with multi million dollar companies and are incredibly reliable for paying out commissions; they release payments multiple times per day meaning you’ll be paid the same day as soon as your referral completes their offer requirements. The simplest payment method is Paypal.

Automated Wealth Network

Generally I’ve found on average the conversion rate is about 10%, for every 10 people that register for the Automated Wealth Network MCF account I’ll make one commission. This is not hard at all to accomplish once you’ve learned how to drive traffic to your AWN referral link. Its easy money because this sales funnel is such a smooth transition through the offers.

AWN also works with the Power Lead System (PLS) which offers both a huge one stop shop for building your own fully customisable sales funnels and includes elaborate marketing training as well as the ability to make huge monthly residual income. The compensation plan offers a 50% matching bonus for every sign up your own signups make. The fact that Automated Wealth Network has a very compelling and effective sales funnel means PLS is an absolute must have otherwise loads of money is left on the table as leads come through the funnel signing up to PLS with ease. I joined back up with PLS as soon as I started promoting Automated Wealth Network and got 10 signups within the first 48 hours. 

I’ve been Internet Marketing for about 9 months now and been top of leader boards several times. I have created my own personal training how to rank content to the top of search engines driving huge traffic, I have the formula for making both one off commissions and monthly residual income using this highly converting sales funnel in Automated Wealth Network

They’re talking about charging a monthly fee for using it so get started today while there’s no monthly fees for the Automated Wealth Network System. 

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