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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

7 Day Millionaire Scam?

7 Day Millionaire Binary Options Review

This is  a binary options trading system that actually claims you will earn 7 million dollars in 7 days. As with all binary trading systems launched through, an online digital marketplace in which most binary trading software's on launched and all promise you will see unbelievable results if you use their specific software and their specific brokers. The reason this is, is because Internet Marketers make tens of thousands of dollars selling these systems online to people who take the sales videos seriously.

It is common for the same internet marketers so launch a new binary system every single month promising similar riches on each software. So is the system legit? Well if the marketers and affiliates selling the software make a profit, how can both sides be making money? Affiliates are often involved in 'behind the scenes' competitions for who can sell the most through affiliate links on youtube comments, forums and small web sites with fake reviews from affiliates who have never used the product themselves.

The 7 Day Millionaire uses the old story of needing "beta testers" to show it's future uses how successful the software is. This sales technique is commonly used in advertising a binary options trading system. This software asks many questions such as "what will you spend on your million on?" and casually claims you'll "certainly make $1,000,000 this week, using screenshots of huge amounts of money in bank accounts which are faked commonly on image editing software such as photoshop.

There are thousands of new people every month looking to make money online, a lot of the inexperienced people are likely to be curious about binary options after watching some of the compelling sales videos that are created. After all, it is actually quite unbelievable what can and will be said in the sales presentation and therefore many people all over the internet today have felt mislead after depositing into a binary trading system. So is 7 Day Millionaire A Scam? Not a single claim of riches can be backed up made in that sales video. So when looking for a product to run with and put your trust into it can be difficult to find one that will actually deliver what was promised and find people to trust.

In my experience I have come to learn there are no systems anywhere online that will generate money on "autopilot" as claimed by most of the products launched through Clicksure. To start from the beginning learning MUST be done, so the trick is, to find a product that will give you the necessary training to learn things such as "driving traffic" and "seo". Some of the key skills needed in 95% of all legit making money online opportunities.

Now I came across a system that allowed me to learn some of these things that I have now made it even easier for anyone coming through who wants to make money online using a LEGITIMATE system that pays commissions for simply referring people to a couple of web sites. Before using this system I had never made a single cent on the internet, now I am very experienced with the system personally and have developed my own personal training to help each member of my team in getting fantastic results. For free resources, a sales funnel and autoresponder go to


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