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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Auto Mobile Code Review - this is a product from the creators of the Emobile Code. Which was massively successful in being sold online through affiliate marketers. Success with using E-mobile code I would imagine is a different story. But is Auto Mobile a scam? My personal opinion is that nearly all products launched through fall well short of what is being advertised, despite the ooutrageous promises made from the actors in the sales video.

The sales video is a lengthy presentation featuring "Geovani Leoni" and his wife introducing this "code" to three newbies  who, is if by magic, make hundreds of dollars by using the Automobile code with absolutely no knowledge of what this code actually does.

If you're new to sales videos of this nature, a well produced one can seem very compelling and may even generate enough curiosity to try the product. It goes for $47, in my opinion, it would be easier just to transfer your money into an affiliate marketers bank account. Which is ultimately what you are likely to be doing purchasing this product anyway

As shown in my Auto Mobile Code Video Review, all of the "get rich quick" promises are contradicted in the disclaimer directly underneath the products sales video which states "the average user does not make any money using this system".

Welcome to the honest world of Internet Marketing! Fortunately, there are some honest people online who can make money by genuinely helping others make money too, like myself. I make money online using a free system which teaches you how to make money online for yourself at

If you are searching for a product which does what the Automobile Code advertises, making thousands every day on absolute autopilot doing almost nothing. Keep dreaming, you and I live on the Earth last time I checked, the real world. I can however offer you a job online working from home with free resources and full support.

Good luck whatever you do with your future my friend



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